By RJ Barajas
The 2 days prior to the Oscars, Hollywood is a buzz with all kinds of activity including the much talked about gifting suites.  Runway Magazine hosted a hip party at the Liberace Penthouse.  The penthouse had the look of 1980’s Hollywood with mirrors everywhere.  I thought I was at Studio 54 but with a pool, no drugs and sadly, no Liza Minnelli.  It was the usual free flowing drinks and food.  There were many different gifts available for the stars, but the best was designer boots from Capelta Capelta Boots
which were snapped up like crazy!
We met celebs like AMA extreme motorbike racing star Johnny Rock Page, Actress Sol Romero (Edge of Darkness due late 2009)oscar-suites-sol-romero, Actor Stephen Baldwin, Scenester Bobby Trendy looking more like Fifth Element meets garage sale chic – Girl really!
And at ALiveExpo we saw the likes of Harry Hamlin, Super Star Hairstylist Jonathan Antin, Leyla Milani and Extreme motorbike racer Travis Pastrana
Our RealTVFilms host Cara Maria Sorbello was wearing a super hot sequin bubble mini dress provided by Ruby Rox styled by moi of course.capelta  For more hip looks from Ruby Rox go to