Alan Alda — Five-time Emmy Award winner, six-time Golden Globe winner, Academy Award
nominee and best-selling author Alan Alda returns to the Sundance Film Festival in this year’s
DIMINISHED CAPACITY, directed by Terry Kinney. He appeared in last year’s Sundance Film
Festival in Rod Lurie’s RESURECTING THE CHAMP. In addition to the 11 years he spent on the
television series M*A*S*H, Alda also starred in ABC’s The West Wing. He has acted in, written, and
directed many feature films and played vital parts in such diverse works as Woody Allen’s CRIMES
AND MISDEMEANORS (1989) and Martin Scorsese’s THE AVIATOR (2004). An accomplished stage
veteran, Alda was nominated for Tony Awards for lead roles in the musical The Apple Tree and the
play Jake’s Women. Other plays include QED, Only in America, Fair Game for Lovers and The Owl
and the Pussycat .