January 18th-20th Park City, UT…….”Great green” was the buzz about town from everyone who visited Alive Expo Green Pavilion at Treasure Mountain Inn. One of the first suites on the scene and by far the “greenest,” celebrities, film makers and eco-friendly supporters stop by to check out the latest beauty, fashion, health and wellness green goods!  Tim Daly, Bill Pullman and Elle Fanning, part of the A list PHOBE IN WONDERLAND cast, took a few minutes to make some handprints for Olympic  Paints. They were happy to dip into a little non toxic paint for a good cause. Olympic Paint-Forbo Floorings “Hands Of Fame” collected famous prints to auction off at Alive Expo Green Pavilion Oscar event in February. The proceeds go toward World Peace One, Global Peace concert. Reggie Bush gave his autograph for Alaska Wilderness League; I’m Organic “We Add Up“:t-shirts. Each t-shirt signifies a different way to help save the environment and is number to track donations. Reggie’s gorgeous other half, Kim Kardashian, picked up a few beauty products and she headed out of the hotel for a busy day on the Sundance scene. Aubrey Organics had great travel size products for the ladies and gents. The stunning Miss America 2007, Rachel Smith picked up a smoking dress from Pop Rock, vintage t-shirts turned into fashion, accessories and pieces for your pooch, aka Pup Rock and some cool cufflinks from CuffWear. Sienna Miller was spotted wearing a pair of double dangle earrings made from by Smart Glass. Other celebrity guests such as Lin Shaye, Patricia Clarkson, Cassandra Hepburn, Rex Lee, Donovan Lietch, John Jean Louis ( Heroes), Jeremy Glazer, John Eckhouse, Brandon Molale, John Newton and Mo Gallini, enjoyed Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps, Pure & Basic; Head Organics, ridding of some toxics with  Detox America, health diagnostic screenings. After all that browsing everyone snacked on RiceWorks, very delicious chips for the health concious, Goyin, antioxidant drinks and just in case anyone needed a little coifing, celebrity stylist Richie Arpino was on hand for a touch up!Alive Expo Green Pavilion makes its next stop at The Sofitel, February 22nd & 23rd to support Oscar with a little green. For information please visit www.aliveExpoGreenPavilion.com  or www.AliveExpo.com