September 8 – TIFF – Conversation with RealTVfilms and the TIFF app developed by Jeff Musson of the Dynamite Network. We will also chat with an actor, director, or producer participating at TIFF.
Ay Caramba Career Show @
An online career advice show featuring those who have made it, making it, and trying to make it in emerging industries & trends – plus those behind bold moves and those who have GJs (glamour jobs).
The North American economy is technically out of recession but the unemployment rate remains high overall and consumer confidence remains low. As we head into fall 2011, jobs are the #1 issue.
While this show for anyone in North America who is interested in advancing their career, recent graduates and upcoming graduates are the focus because:
1) They are living through tough times – nothing is certain!
“Of students graduating between 2006 and 2010, only 53% are employed full-time (21% are attending graduate or professional school).” Graduating college? Good luck! New report offers a depressing statistical snapshot of the job outlook for recent grads: 2) They still aspire for success and status – everything is possible!
3) They live digital, social and mobile – in the postmodern world!
Show will be hosted by @CasieStewart and @StephenHenrik who have lived & are living thru 1) to 3)
The show is based on personality-driven-content. We aim to do for career advice what Cramer’s Mad Money did for investment advice – make it fun to watch! There are 3 segments launching Thursdays.
1) Casie Study – A conversational case study with 1-2 people live at 6pm ET for up to 30 minutes. It will be recorded using an iPhone with an Owle Bubo enhanced camera and mike. We will take questions and comments from people online the fly. This is the mainly serious part of the show.
2) Demo Camp – A 5 minute skit about the workplace such as how to shake hands in an interview or business meeting. It will be taped and edited in advance. This is the mainly silly part of the show.
3) Check In – A question or ask that can be serious or silly that people can answer or submit via email, FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, UStream, LinkedIn. We will announce the new check in and go over the previous week’s check out live during the Casie Study and in advance online.
WHEN WILL IT LAUNCH? August 25 – First plug by @CasieStewart and @StephenHenrik September 1 – Show preview via video September 8 – Live for TIFF
WHERE WILL IT LAUNCH? will live on Tumblr with a live presence on UStream for the Casie Study. There will be a presence on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn group. There is also a newsletter.
We will pick themes that relate to major events and conferences in Toronto, which gives the ability to shoot the Casie Study live on location and with people from out of town. Digital life will be a focus.
September 8 – TIFF – Conversation with and the TIFF app developed by Jeff Musson of the Dynamite Network. We will also chat with an actor, director, or producer participating at TIFF. September 15 – Back to School – Conversation with two students and their outlook for life and future September 22 – Mobile Innovation Week – TBC
September 29 – ShesConnected Social Media Conference: Connecting Digital Women & Brands October 6 – Greenbuild Expo October 13 – TBD October 20 – Fashion Week – Like TIFF, but also include the hiring manager for fashion/social position

Social Media Lodge Invite, TIFF 2011