Beaver, Secret Room Events, MTV Movie wards 2017

Beaver Professional featured product at the Secret Room Events MTV Movie Awards Luxury Lounge. Actress Tia Barr interview with hair product professional Chela
PR – Rita Branch Udovychenko
Camera Operator – Jimmy Alioto
Location – SLS Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Beverly Hills
Brand meaning
Diligent attention to the spirit of beaver
Beaver means beaver, distributed in the northern boreal Eurasia, love a small animal that lives in the river mouth, honest, diligent, dedicated character. Beaver fur is very precious, dripping, color bright, healthy and soft.
Beaver is a kind of “keystone species” in nature, which plays an important role in maintaining ecological balance. The extinction of the “keystone species” will result in a chain reaction of many other species, resulting in a dramatic change in the ecosystem. Their presence determines the species and number of species in the environment. Based on the nature of this precious species and the key role in the name of beaver, and as a symbol of the brand.