Reunited (26m, U S A) CAST- Robert Pine, Trevor Teichman, Alex Schemmer, Cheryl Texiera. WRITERS- Marc Peterson & Richard Peters, DIRECTOR – Richard Peters, SCREENING Saturday, October 9th, 12:30pm, McMenamins Old St. Francis Theater Saturday, October 9th, 8:00pm, Sisters Movie House
Reunited is a moving story about a rumpled novelist, Frank Lechner who embarks on a literary ride while writing a memoir of his life with his beloved wife, Sylvia. Throughout this journey Frank recalls painful moments from the 1960’s of his life with Sylvia, revealing what shaped his life and his love/hate relationship with alcohol. His young next door neighbor, Dashiel, acts as the light relief in this compelling tale of a man going through the five stages of grief. Their love of reading is what keeps the friendship alive and allows Frank to complete his final novel.

Kerry Finlayson (Producer), John Nasby (Co-Producer) Richard Peters (Producer) Howard Storm (Exec Producer) Gordon Vasquez (Assoc Producer)Reunited Movie