Designer body shaping beverage Physique Tea ( ), Social Lodge, Sundance Film Festival


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Another Successful Sundance for the SOCIAL LODGE
Social Lodge expands mobile branding at the Sundance Film Festival through translation of social media platforms to real life experience by engaging entertainment and its members.

Designer body shaping beverage Physique Tea, Social Lodge, Sundance Film Festival

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About the SOCIAL LODGE: Founded by Gordon Vasquez of Real TV Films in 2009, the SOCIAL LODGE engages the most dynamic social media influencers across all platforms to create brand awareness and integrate filmmakers, actors, musicians, and celebrities into creative, networking environments. The SOCIAL LODGE is a mobile experience tapping into film, fashion, music, sports, and festival circuits throughout the world. It combines the elements of networking, on-site gifting, social media, video interviews and creative photography, and atmospheric interactivity. Scheduled SOCIAL LODGE events for 2013 include: SXSW, WMC, Celebrity Golf Classic in Palm Springs, Cannes Film Festival, and Toronto Film Festival.