International Actress Cassandra Hepburn just got back from helping out in the disaster relief program with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers group who have been out there for the past month in Haiti volunteering her time to help Haiti with delivering food, water, donating clothes to internally displaced persons camps (IDP Camps), giving toys to orphans, assisting in medical needs at IDP Camps and medical centers around Port au Prince and assisting hundreds of people who are in need of help along with other Volunteer Ministers who were with her at every site mission that she visited.
According to Ms. Hepburn’s visit she noticed that the people of Haiti are still in need of major help. Thousands of people are still living in Internally Displaced Persons Camps all around Haiti in makeshift tents that Haitians have built out of cardboard, sticks and sheets or tarps. The children and their families are malnourished and are in need of medical attention because of the lack of food, water and shelter that they have been living in for the past month after the earthquake. Orphanages in Haiti are under funded and thousands of children are in need of care.
One orphanage in particular is owned by a Canadian Citizen and their orphanage is next to a medical facility that is leaning on the orphanages building which is at risk of toppling over on them! Another situation is The Haitian University Medical Center is lacking in medical personnel to help with hundreds of patients who are basically just put there waiting to die and the conditions they have to stay in are horrific and need attention immediately.
The country is in shambles and progress is slow on clearing the roads and the debris in areas of Haiti that are outside of Port au Prince and people are basically living amongst the livestock and the garbage that is accruing. This is atrocious and needs immediate attention otherwise more diseases will be spread throughout the people of Haiti! Buildings and living quarters need to be rebuilt so that people can have a place to live that is safe and healthier for families instead living in IDP Camps that are just festering with bacteria and creating a horrific medical situation with the Haitians. I was at the camps with Scientology Volunteer Ministers helping medical personnel with the mass traffic of patients needing assistants and calming patients by giving them Scientology Assists. These people living in these camps have to live with trash that is piling up in their area which creates more health problems especially with the children who play around these garbage landfills. So what I did with the Volunteer Ministers was to create a game where we started to get everyone to start picking up trash and putting them in garbage bags just so they learn that cleaning up after themselves is one step to solving their problems in these camps.
The biggest health risk in Haiti is the water; we need to figure out a way to get clean water back into the country to get people started on taking care of themselves. The program I highly recommend is The Way To Happiness and Applied Scholastics so that they can also be educated since illiteracy is pervasive in Haiti!
One orphanage in particular was the Foyer de Jeun Fille de Deux which had housed 72 girls and I went there with the Volunteer Ministers and handed out toys to these orphans and afterwards we decided to do song and dance games and the children were completely enjoying themselves where for a moment they forgot about the disasters that were happening in their country. One little girl in particular really touched my heart because she was only 4 years old and she was in shock from the earthquake and after helping her with an Assist called a Locational she started to brighten up and was laughing and happy again and she really grew fond of me where she wanted me to take her home and I told her I couldn’t, which was very hard but promised her I would visit her again. These are some of the things the Volunteer Ministers have been doing in Haiti. It is remarkable how they help uplift Haitians and get them to see that they can rebuild their country! They are also helping Haitians laugh again and not be in such effect of what has happened to their country!