GLAM IN LA LA LAND, Branded Comedy
EL SEGUNDO, CA (RealTVfilms) October 25th, 2013GLAM IN LA LA LAND Creator Camille Solari packs the Hollywood Improv to the 290 seat capacity and gifts over 50 pairs of shoes from IronFist Clothing. Racinne Cosmetics was also giving away skin products and a handful of other sponsors were loaded in the GLAM Gift Bags. Comedy for the night featured Camille Solari, Aidan Park, Rawle Dee, Cokey Falkow and Bil Dwyer. The SOCIAL LODGE and crowd Favorite was Camille Solari and at one point the Piano Player was exiting stage left and she pulled him back on stage and the ad-lib jokes ensued. Comic Rawle Dee joked about his Trinidad childhood , Tom Rhodes brought in the bald jokes and Ty Barnett rounded off the comedy night. GLAM IN LA LA LAND is the #1 show at the Hollywood Improv and keep an eye out for the next event. If you want to get caught up with Camille Solari she will be taking meetings during the AMERICAN FILM MARKET (AFM) SOCIAL LODGE PARTY Sunday 11-10-2013,
Cadillac Hotel Venice Beach