Exec Producer , Writer, Creator – Camille Solari
Segment Producer – Gordon Vasquez
Associate Producer – Bob Bekian
PILOT / AUDITION TO BE SHOT MONDAY JUNE 13 / 6:30PM to 10PM at Loyal Studios Burbank
WHERE: Loyal Studios
2201 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505
Neighborhood: Burbank

WHEN: MONDAY JUNE 13 / 5PM to 10PM at Loyal Studios Burbank
WHO: We would like you to come in and do an on camera interview for our TV Pilot “I’m Too Sexy.” . This is a pilot that basically goes into the life of every kind of model under the sun. Bikini, Super Models, Plus Size, Print, Art Models, Body Paint Models, Pin Up models, Promo Models, Run Way Models, Male Models, Hand Models etc
WHAT: “I’m Too Sexy” – it’s a day in a life of every single type of model. Camille will do little comedy vinyets in-between the coverage of the models – and Camille will interview in the natural habitats. It’s shot very documentary style, no mics in hand, and then Camille will do comedy bits in between (these have already been shot). Camille was already offered a show on YouTube that has a built in 2 million viewers but decided to finish shooting the sizzle reel and take it to the networks, Camille can always go back afterwards and take the YouTube deal if needed, but we think we have a pretty good shot at getting it to network. Camille will be bringing in stand up comics as guest stars to ask the models questions (but not during the shoot on Monday).
HOW: Please come camera ready, for girls this means fully made up. If you are a bikini model, please wear a bikini or bring a bikini to change into. You will be doing a brief interview with a female host, and then you will be doing a quick photo shoot. So obviously look your best! Please do not wear anything green or sparkly, we will be shooting this on Green Screen, so please do not wear green!
Remember the more specific type of model the better. Like if you are a Pin Up Model, Betty Paige it out! If you are a body paint model, then come wearing body paint. If you are a sports model then you get the point right?
All right, thanks again for responding! We really look forward to seeing you!
Camille Solari
Gordon Vasquez
Bob Bekian

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