‘Kypros’ is an action-adventure in the vein of ‘Into the Blue’ and ‘The Deep’…Two American lifelong friends, escape from life to go sailing around the Mediterranean, but a chance encounter while docked in Cyprus they discover an old legend about a Nazi submarine that filled with treasure at the end of WWII and hand sunk off the coast of Cyprus. The two charm their way with 2 local girls and lure them into to helping navigate the island, but without telling them what they are after, soon they realize they are not the only ones after the treasure, and their competition will stop at nothing to find it and kill anyone that gets in their way. Release Date December 23, 2010
The Executive Producer for Kypros is Thekla Kyriakou whose company name is Hollywood Entertainment and Productions. Thekla is a Cypriot native that cordinates major events that take place in Cyprus. She also owns a chain of 24 Hour DVD stores called HOLLYWOOD. This is very fitting because she will be bringing HOLLYWOOD to Cyprus late this summer!!
Ryan R. Johnson Producer
Daemon Hillin Producer
Elina Loukas Producer
Gordon Vasquez Associate Producer
Tom Sizemore Actor (attached)
Elina Loukas Actor (attached)