Amber Dawn Lee Film – A Lot Lizard is a trucker’s term for a prostitute that works truck stops. This film is the story of a small town lot lizard who has lived her life by a truckstop. While trucks come and go, she has never been anywhere. Lonely and isolated from the world, Heather spends her time drinking and looking for a good time. When she makes a deal with a Drug Dealer who heads all the local meth labs, she bites off more than she can chew.
When a mysterious drifter comes through the lot, both of them get caught between the cracks of drugs and prostitution while struggling with their own desires for their own misunderstood same sex love. Stranded in a desolate place ..a woman with a habit-Charlie (the drifter) opens herself to loving another woman instead of running from it.
The two women find the one thing they thought they never wanted. A dark, gritty soulmate kind of connection, but danger is attached, and there is a scary price to pay…even in the middle of nowhere.