Mark Rickard Executive Producer Warning Shot chats up #Distribution and the Labor of Love in #Filmmaking
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Red Carpet Premiere Writers Guild Theatre 135 S Doheny Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210
RealTVfilms Host Tia Barr
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NATIONAL THEATRICAL AND VOD Release September 14, 2018
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Audrey ( #TammyBlanchard ), a single mother to daughter, Cheyenne ( #OnataAprile ) is trapped in a constant struggle to make ends meet. When her grandfather passes away, she inherits the family’s farm-house, for which the lucrative water rights are coveted by Calvin ( #BruceDern ) a longtime business rival of Audrey’s grandfather. Calvin’s own grandson, Bobby (David Spade), is on a mission to prove that he can take on the family business, and decides to take matters into his own hands by hiring the mentally unstable Rainy ( #GuillermoDíaz ) and drug-addicted Jawari ( #DwightHenry ) to intimidate Audrey and Cheyenne into giving up the property. Once Bobby’s goons realize Audrey does not intend to go quietly, the situation quickly spirals out of control. In this 87 minutes high stake thriller, marking David Spade’s first dramatic role, we witness the strength of a mother doing everything within her power to protect her young daughter.