What ever happened to Good Manners?
Last night’s exclusive screening of “Polanski Unauthorized” was nothing short of an authorized masterpiece!  While it was chilly, and I do mean chilly for us Angelenos, there was a great turnout of celebrities including David Carradine, Esai Morales, Monica Ramon and of course, Damian Chapa (director, writer, producer and star of said movie).  
Everyone looked amazingly stylish, exactly what you would expect for a red carpet event.  We saw everything from Damian Chapa in a great 3-piece pinstriped suit with slicked back hair to Monica Ramon in a fab long black gown with faux fur trim.  Shauna Sand wore a fantastic black vinyl fitted parka over a very sexy halter dress with tulip skirt. But girl, clear platform stilettos? (Were they from Fredrick’s of Hollywood? Magic 8 ball says, “Signs point to Yes”.)  Esai Morales wore jeans from Ernest Sewn and a cool leather motorcycle jacket with graphic tee – H.O.T.! There was also the pre-requisite sexy mini dresses we so love and false eyelashes for days!  Remember ladies, nothing says glamour than a great set of long, long lashes!
What I didn’t expect was the complete lack of manners and blatant rudeness of the other members of the media, the paparazzi as it were.  Did these people forget the golden rule and etiquette?  I was quite surprised at the superior attitudes of photographers and just plain vulgarity.  Pushing, shoving and childish antics seemed to be the norm.  One 5’2” photog managed to block my view and ladies, he wasn’t even in Jimmy Choo heels! Hmm, these people would think nothing of shoving their own mothers out of the way to get their venti lattes first at Starbucks.  I wonder how they would feel if someone was screaming at them and then saying horribly rude things behind their back later.  I’m just sayin’.
Stay tuned for more exciting fashion news from Realtvfilms as we hit the red carpet events.
RJ Barajas