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Rance Howard portrays Scotty the Drug King Pin who is owed money by HUFF.

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SANTA CLARITA (December 8, 2011)— The independent feature film HUFF has kicked off production in Santa Clarita, CA. A dark, allegorical adaptation of The Three Little Pigs stars Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor, Season 7”) as the sexually abusive title character who embarks on a rage-induced killing spree as he pursues his three stepdaughters who have stolen his money intended for a big drug deal.

Monday, 12/5/11
Principal photography commenced with O’Connell as Virgil “Huff” Huffington and July 2010 Playboy cover-model Natasha Alam (“True Blood,” “The Bold and the Beautiful”) as his kinky mistress. Cameras rolled at the sexy couple’s love nest on some the film’s steamiest scenes that are sure to delight both male and female filmgoers.

Tuesday, 12/6/11
Things took a horrific turn on Day 2 of production as evil stepfather Huff (O’Connell) began spilling blood in the eerie cellar beneath his rural home. Both O’Connell and Alam returned to set, joined by their young co-stars Marie Bollinger (Hell-o-ween) as “Brixi,” the eldest stepdaughter, and Randy Blekitas (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) as “Woody,” the boyfriend of Brixi’s sister. Scenes involved several stunts and special makeup effects.

Wednesday, 12/7/11
Day 3 of production took cast and crew into the dry riverbed of the Santa Clara River where Bollinger was joined by her on-screen sisters Jenna Stone (A Haunting in Salem) as “Styx” and big screen newcomer Elly Stefanko as “Shay.” The day involved a variety of foot chases and stunts in and around the craggy riverbed.

Thursday, 12/8/11
Scream queen Elina Madison began work on Day 4 portraying Huff’s wife, a vain exotic dancer who seems oblivious to Huff’s victimization of her three teenage daughters. On-screen tension was abundant, but off screen Madison and O’Connell have hit it off. Both actors have brought some serious acting chops to this one. Also paying a visit to the set was Mayra Real (Machete) who will show up as the strung out neighbor to the dysfunctional Huffington family.

About Windchaser Pictures: Windchaser Pictures is a privately funded independent feature film company. This is Windchaser’s first feature film project.
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