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SEPT. 26, 2013 405-370-9285
Dramatic Series Targeting Christian Teen Girls
Los Angeles, September 26, 2013 – SumoJack Productions announces the release of the series, Salvaged, based on the Young Adult Christian Fiction novel, Salvaged: A Love Story by Stefne Miller featuring Bret Green as Riley Bennett.
The series fills a much ignored niche market. Salvaged creator Stefne Miller said, “While the mainstream entertainment industry heavily focuses on the teen female population, the Christian entertainment industry is still lacking in projects in this area. Especially series drama that are relevant to a teenager’s life today.” Director Paul Morrell added, “The novel got a lot of praise from both secular and Christian audiences, bloggers and reviewers, and we believe that the web series will do the same.” Positive ratings and reviews of the novel earned Stefne Miller a spot as a Finalist in the Readers Choice Awards in the category of Debut Author of 2010 and the novel landed on several book reviewers “Best of 2010” lists.
The series follows the story of Attie Reed, who has survived a car accident that killed her mother and close friend, Melody Bennett. When Attie moves in with the Bennett family for the summer, she is forced to face the demons of her past, an unknown future, and growing feelings for Melody’s brother, Riley. “Every four to seven minute episode will take viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions,” Stefne Miller said, adding, “Salvaged is fun, tragic, thought provoking, inspiring, healing and swoon worthy all at the same time.”
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