Simon Hung , Director and Writer of the short film “Mr. Monster” chats with Mrs. Alabama Lynn Maggio at the Taiwan Cannes Film Festival Party about his film.
PLOT: A warehouse filled with serial killers and psychos (children call them Monsters). They lock kids inside for a month to train child assassins. A little boy, Ian, 11, is locked into the Hive. He learns to be selfish in order to survive. After he meets a sweet little girl, 12, Lilly, who is locked into the Hive later, he gradually falls in love with her. Ian has to learn to share and protect Lilly from the monsters in order to survive together in the Hive
CAST: Marlene Okner, Caon Motenson, Sierra Willis, Greg Lucey, Bill Sarkisian

Lynn Maggio, Simon Hung, Mr. Monster Movie, Cannes Taiwan Cinema Party 2012