September 18, 2010
The Slugline Short Screenplay Competition in it’s first year had some incredible submissions and a ton of support. The WINNER was Shevaun Kastl (Screenwriter, Actress) with her Screenplay “The Mourning Hour” which is the follow up film from “Mad About Pictures” that released “Conversations With Lucifer” earlier this year.
“The Mourning Hour” SYNOPSIS ->
In the wake of news that her husband has been tragically killed in a train accident, Virginia Bakely, a 1950’s suburban housewife and mother afflicted with a heart condition, unwittingly embarks on an emotional and psychological journey of reawakening.
The Short Film will shoot in Madison Area of Wisconsin this coming February 2011 and pre-production and casting has begun.
Director: Susan Cohen

Shevaun Kastl, "Conversations With Lucifer" , Premiere Screening & Party