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For the RealTVfilms Social Media Lounge presented by the Cutting Room, the online media company opted to focus on pampering visiting filmmakers and celebrities with a range of services set up at Abode Public Residence, a soon-to-open event space in the entertainment district.
Stylists from Chic Little Devil dressed stars for red-carpet appearances, and Brennen Demelo Studios and Inspire Cosmetics offered hair and makeup touch-ups. “We’ve traveled all over the world and gone to some of the best lounges, and I started to realize, as someone attending, what I loved,” said RealTVfilms host Samantha Gutstadt, whose video interviews can be found online. “We wanted to make it an experience, somewhere people could come and relax and come face-to-face with some great brands and talk about social media.”

Samantha Gutstadt, TIFF, Canadian Party, Cannes Film Festival