Paul Rodriguez partners with Bob Bekian , President of Pro HD Rentals for a Sizzle Reel to pitch to MTV’s Latin channel tr3‘s. The familiar challenge for all show developers soon became apparent to Rodriguez when he had to consider how much financial risk he was willing to take before the idea was even sold.
Bob Bekian, president of ProHD Rentals, explains, “Our objective is to do everything in our power to facilitate the filmmaker. By creating a one-stop facility we have the flexibility and diversity to suit any production demands.”
The idea of vendor and client collaborating is nothing new, but the proactive nature of ProHD’s philosophy is gaining a lot of attention. “There are so many story tellers out there that lack the financial means to make their vision possible,” says Bekian. “We just want to provide them with every opportunity available to make that dream a reality. We want to help them get their stories told.” In the case of ProHD Rentals, the idea of working with filmmakers is succeeding.
The new business collaborative ProHD Rentals offers worked for Rodriguez. Not only did MTV order a pilot based on the sizzle reel, but they also ordered eight episodes to get the show started, which were all produced at Loyal Studios and using ProHD equipment.