Send two ordinary guys out onto a busy street during the day and tell them to pick up chicks.
The dude with the better game is crowned Street King.
While these players race around hitting on women, three judges – Evan Marlowe , DJ and Lady Kerry Finlayson –
keep score. DJ is the snarky judge who is always ready with a sarcastic zinger. Lady Kerry,
phoning in from England via her computer’s webcam, brings a courteous female perspective.
And sitting next to DJ is Evan, who balances the two other judges with commentary that’s
critical yet constructive.
Players can score from 0 to 5 points in each of four categories:
In addition, one bonus point is awarded to the winner of the Suicide Mission. The player with
the higher score wins.
These players are regular guys who may have little experience or skill picking up women. We
aren’t trying to demonstrate textbook game here, but to the contrary, that ANYBODY can go
out and do this. The purpose is to inspire and empower guys to approach girls, even without
stellar game.
Employing a low budget, guerrilla style of filming, the footage from the street appears shaky,
often grainy, and “covert.” Faces of the women are blurred to protect their identities. The point
is to convey a raw, realistic style. Actual street pick-up isn’t smooth like in the movies; it’s
awkward, dangerous, risky and potentially embarrassing.

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