Dysfunctional Friends Premiere, Harmony Gold Theatre, Hollywood, Host Tia Barr

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RealTVfilms.com “Dysfunctional Friends” Film Premiere Contact: Gordon Vasquez, Real TV Films Cell/Text: (310) 902-8415 Email: Gordon@RealTVfilms.com Hollywood (February 3rd, 2012) – Dysfunctional Friends opens in LA and NYC in select Theatres today and RealTVfilms recently […]

Gary Klavans, Graeme Finlayson, Ghost Light Pictures, Bayberry Lane Entertainment, After Party – Summer Night of Short Films, Egyptian Hollywood

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Gary K. Klavans founder of Bayberry Lane Entertainment and Graeme Finlayson founder of Ghost Light Pictures, work together on the film Diamond Confidential, presented during the Summer Night of Short Films, Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood

Sundance Prep – Another character in front of Grumman's Theatre, Hollywood

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Sundance Prep – Another character in front of Grumman’s Theatre, Hollywood [youtube width=”305″ height=”255″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ-5-rWZ9eQ[/youtube]