Amsterdam Heavy, Jennifer Lexon, Cannes Film Festival 2011

2020-06-19T23:56:39+00:00August 6th, 2011|Cannes Film Festival 2011|

SUBSCRIBE LIKE FOLLOW Amsterdam Heavy Press Junket on the beach, Cannes Film Festival. PLOT: Amsterdam Heavy “Amsterdam Heavy” takes us on a roller-coaster journey in to the violent, criminal heart of Amsterdam. CIA Agent Martin […]

David Fine, Salaam Dunk, LA Film Festival 2011, Jennifer Lexon

2020-06-19T23:54:25+00:00June 21st, 2011|Film Festivals, LA Film Festival 2011|

David Fine Director “Salaam Dunk” STORY via Two years ago, most of the women on the basketball team at the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani (AUIS) had never been running before. Many had never […]

Vlad Feier, The Intruder, 64th Annual Cannes Films Festival, Jennifer Lexon

2020-06-19T23:54:07+00:00June 11th, 2011|Cannes Film Festival 2011|

Interview with Vlad Feier, Director, “The Intruder” short film. The Cannes Film Festival created a great venue for all the short films. The short films are the original web series.

Confessions of an Eco Terrorist, Peter Jay Brown, Jennifer Lexon, Sea Shepherd, Steve Erwin, 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival 2011

2020-06-19T23:54:05+00:00June 11th, 2011|Cannes Film Festival 2011|

Peter Jay Brown, filmmaker, chats with Jennifer Lexon aboard the Steve Erwin / Sea Shepherd about his new documentary “Confessions of an Eco Terrorist”, Cannes Harbor, 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival.