Give us 1.5 Minutes to Promote Your Brand , SpotBurner by Producer Bob Bekian, Loyal Studios and RealTVfilms

2020-06-20T00:30:06+00:00June 17th, 2013|SpotBurner|

SPOTBURNER – After producing over 800 commercials , web spots, music videos and broadcast projects ,we took our best people and combined them with the latest technology . The result is Spotburner, a company dedicated […]

Producer Bob Bekian, Loyal Studios, Filth To Ashes Premiere

2020-06-19T23:57:35+00:00October 24th, 2011|Film Premieres - Hollywood, Filth To Ashes Flesh To Dust Premiere|

Producer Bob Bekian CEO of Loyal Studios sponsors the Filth To Ashes Flesh To Dust Premiere. Bob Bekian supports Indie Filmmaking and large studio productions as well with Loyal Studios.Loyal Studios is the premier pre-lit […]