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by Zack Roddy

    Gina (Lena Headey) is a radiologist working in London. She is beautiful, has a loving and close family, and a great boyfriend. One murky and cold day, while walking down the street, she is convinced she sees someone driving her car- and that someone looks just like her.

    Stalking her doppelganger to a lush apartment she’s never set foot in before, she is about to confront her mystery woman when she sees a picture of her and her father (Richard Jenkins) sitting on the mantelpiece. Spooked she flees the apartment, subsequently gets into a car crash, and wakes up in the hospital unable to remember the wreck or the woman. Soon after she is released from the hospital, her life begins to take a completely dramatic turn. Her boyfriend is now acting differently, broken mirrors seem to appear everywhere she goes, and she becomes increasingly more paranoid to the point of insanity. All she can conclude is that strange beings live behind the mirrors, and it is only a matter of time before her reflection catches up with her.

    Lena Headey does a respectable job as the heroine, but even she can’t save this film. The beginning started out well enough, with an interesting premise and a very capable actress as the lead. But as it progressed, it became more and more absurd, to the point of me staring at the screen, dumbstruck, when it finally ended. This move has a lot of gaping plot holes, such as, why are Gina and her family the only people in London that are being attacked by these reflections, as opposed to the whole city? In my Sundance film book, it originally listed the film as being 110 minutes, but the version I viewed was just shy of 90 minutes, leaving me to suspect that it has undergone massive editing since the festival began, thus ripping apart the story. But then again, it could also just be a typo.