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JEOA PRODUCTIONS is proud to announce the theatrical release of it’s flagship title:
Filth To Ashes Flesh To Dust, will be released by horror masters BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS through their theatrical arm NOCTURNAL FEATURES for a limited theatrical release, 2011.
Filmed in early 2010, Filth To Ashes was quickly acquired by Darin Ramage, President of Brain Damage films. Ramage was impressed with the independent horror film’s quality, he added the much sought after theatrical run.
Filth To Ashes Flesh To Dust: Everyone has a weakness. The Schizophrenic serial killer known as Purge made it his mission to eliminate the weak and build a perfect society. But news of his demise has been exaggerated, as a group of college bound friends on one last adventure, quickly discover. Each of their weaknesses exposed, only the strongest will survive.
“I wanted to do a classic slasher film, but add some smartness to it”, says Executive Producer (and Writer), Armont Casale. “I’m a horror fan, making a movie for horror fans. It’s a fun movie but it makes you wonder, what’s my weakness? Would I be a victim?”
Amongst the film’s cast is Anton Troy, who also stars in horror director Adam Green’s (Hatchet II)new film Chillerama.
Filth To Ashes is directed by Paul Morrell (Mtv movie award nominee). And co-produced by Gordon Vasquez and Terry James.
About JEOA Productions: Founder Armont Casale cut his teeth working alongside Television genius Ben Silverman at Reveille Ent. Helping with the development of such hits as The Office, Ugly Betty, and The Tudors.
“Watching Ben, I learned everything under the sun about Production. I knew that film is where I wanted to go, that’s why I formed JEOA.

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