In honor of the Dark Knight, a special day has been created to celebrate this iconic comic
hero. Batman Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of September, and previous occasions
have seen the bat signal illuminated in cities across the globe, including London, New York,
Berlin, and Melbourne.
2019 marked the 80th anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in comics, and this sparked
a massive celebration with events taking place with fans from all over the globe. Although
this day is somewhat low key, for Batman fans, it’s the chance to share the history and
passion for the infamous caped crusader.
So what can you expect from a Batman Day celebration, and how can you get involved?

1. Reading Events
Of course, one of the main activities is reading. You don’t necessarily have to go to a reading
event to listen to the adventures of the Dark Knight. You can read with many others in
online activities. Last year, two new Batman books were released, and if you haven’t read
these yet, they’re ideal for adding to your list.

2. Immersive Events
If you want to go all-out and pay homage to the caped crusader, then dressing up as the Bat
and joining the number of events dedicated to the theme is an ideal option. These events
often showcase numerous vendors and enthusiasts that have extensive comic book
collections. Plus, they give you a chance to network and meet people that share the same
love of the Batman comics as you do. You just need to search online for events in your area
or check out sites such as TicketSales to get entry to national and international events.

3. Special Film Screenings
In some locations, you may be able to access special film screenings of the Batman movies.
There are several in the collection that proved popular with fans in every country. Plus,
many of the films also have a fan base outside of the comic collective. Due to the niche
nature of these screenings, you might find them outside of the regular cinema listings. Why
not check local theaters and community venues that might be showing them? Plus, if there
isn’t something local to you, why not arrange your own screening to celebrate with fellow
Batman enthusiasts?

4. Online Events
A lot of events for Batman Day come in the form of online forums and remote conferences.
As comic lovers come from far and wide, getting everyone together can be challenging. To
make it more simple, Batman Day has often been an occasion that people come together
online to celebrate. Chatting to others about the comics and sharing experiences is a great
way to bring everyone closer in the community.

5. Products and Offers

As with any notable holiday, there is a host of memorabilia that can be purchased to
celebrate. DC Comics themselves usually have offers on Batman collectibles for this event.
Plus, you’ll find many other online outlets providing exclusive deals to celebrate the Dark