Although movies are a form of entertainment, there are instances where some movies get
banned from being viewed by the public. Some get banned for certification reasons, language,
speech that can cause harm to other people or their beliefs. However, there are movies that got
banned because they were too disturbing for viewers to watch. Although they managed to get
viewers they still didn’t get as much appreciation as the producers anticipated. Let’s take a look
at those movies.

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I Spit On Your Grave
After a woman gets raped by a group of guys, she plots brutal revenge towards them for what
they had done to her. Among other things, critics and viewers at large rejected this 1978 film fo
the violence it projected. Different countries like the U.K, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, and others
banned the movie as they said it supported violence against women.

Cannibal Holocaust
This movie’s release in 1980 led to a series of bad events like events. From the
movie being banned to the director getting arrested by Italian authorities. In this movie real
animals were killed on screen, the deaths of humans looked so real. Although the documentary
which was about a missing crew was meant to be real the realness was too much and
disturbing such that it was questioned. The director was arrested on suspicion of murder. He
had to bring out the actors from the movies to be able to walk away from the charges. Italian
authorities, as well as other countries, banned the movies and those who still played it, the
movie was censored.

A Serbian Film
This movie was banned not in only one country but in several countries. Some people prefer
playing australian casino games than having to sit down and watch this movie. This movie was
banned in different countries due to its unspeakable and horrifying scenes. It features rape and
murder of a newborn baby, sex with dead people and a person tricked into sexually harassing
his child. The movie can only be played with censorship in the countries that have allowed it.