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Alexander Kanevsky
Who is ALEXANDER KANEVSKY and what are his achievements?
Alexander Kanevsky is a born artist who started his artwork at the age of 3. He is one of the most famous personality in the field of art. Please see his timeline to check his achievements from birth to till date. He with his hard work has conquered many fields of art with perfection and for sure one of the greatest artist still alive on the planet earth.
Alexander Kanevsky Timeline –
-Born in Tula, Russia in 1959
-First drawings: tiger, lion, horse, elephant, man at the age of three.
-First novels, ”Romantic undertaking” and “White hawk” on American Indians and valiant teenagers, written at the ages of 12 and
13 respectively.
-Enters Krasnoyarsk medical institute in 1977
-Graduates in 1983 and works in surgical oncology and alternative medicine
-Immigrates to the United States in 1990
-19991 has his first art showings in Pittsburgh Public Library and “Rosebud” café
-paints 150 pictures over the same year, selling his first pieces to private collectors
-Also in 1991 pens and publishes the novel ”Journey into Life and Death”, and acollection of short stories called ”Stone
in a Mirror”.
-1992 continues with the novels “Cancer and Schizophrenia”, ”Krishna”, a short stories collection ”Singular World” and
painted illustrations to the “Journey into Life and Death”.
-1993 paints illustrations to the his written novels ”Oblivion” and Phantasmagoria” and to the short story collection “Incarnations”.
-1994 produces independent paintings along with illustrations to his novels “Existentia” and “People and Animals”. Paints his first eight foot oil on wood “Phantasmagoria”.
-1995 begins writing the new novel “Nomad”
-1996 the newly produced pieces “Cybelle”, the “Holders and Beholders”, the “Judas”, and the “Embryogenesis” are exhibited in the Baltimore Hyatt Regency Hotel.
-October of 1996 has his first exhibition in SoHo
-Also in 1996 he is offered contracts from eight different New York SoHo galleries in one day. The same year he debuts his collection in Barcelona, Spain.
-1997 completes his first 12 foot oil on wood Triptych “Creation” in New York City at the Guggenheim Museum in SoHo,
-the same year has exhibitions in Bologna, Tokyo and Dubai
-1998 has shows in Torrington, Connecticut
-the same year Kanevky’s piece The ”Holocaust” is accepted into the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.
-March of 1999 Kanevsky’s title“Creation” wins first prize in Italy
-In January of 2000 opens the Kanevsky Art Gallery in Kent, Connecticut
-In August of 2000 the New York Times publishes an article on Kanevsky’s painting “the Couple”
– the same year “Arts and Antiques” publishes the article “Alexander Kanevsky: The Painter and the
Writer”. “Kent Good Times” publishes “Émigré American experience cures artistic asphyxiation”
-April of 2000 publishes his first novel “Journey into Life and Death
-2001 Exhibits his collection in New Haven, CT City Hall
-2002 produces a series of clay sculptures
-2002 has an exhibition of his paintings at the former Lenin Museum in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The article “The poem of Ecstasy on Alexander Kanevsky’s art is published by “Culture” magazine
-2003 Kanevsky is the center of US Media controversy surrounding his painting “Couple”.
-In March 2003 Kanvesky’s paintings “Hamlet” and “King Lear” are acquired by the Royal Shakespeare Theater in London. The painting “Alexander on the Grave of Achilles” is purchased by its Director Peter Kyle.
-March of 2004 Kanevsky travels to Nairobi, Kenya where he is met by the Kenyan Minister of Culture Najib Balala and the Director of Culture Silverse Anami and his associates.
-In May of 2004 Silverse Anami visits the Kanevsky Gallery with the US ambassador to Kenya
-In November of 2004 Alexander Kanevsky arrives in New Delhi to showcase his art to the Indian public. An article about his visit and art is published in the “Hindustan Times”
-March 2005 arrives in Kyoto,Japan for an exhibition of his art
-In 2006 Runs for Governor of CT with a program of re-spiritualization of the nation
-early 2006 pens the novel ”Crys” and theater play “Salamandra”
-In November of 2006 travels to New Zealand to showcase his art
-2008 writes a book of poems called “Five tongues of Alexander Kanevsky” in French, German, Italian, Russian and English
-2010 Art Album “Kanevsky: The Genius of Vision” is published, which includes over 450 of his works
-2011 Publishes “Doctor Kanevsky’s Diaries of Health”