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Official Makers of The West|280 iOpener™ "Protects & Serves"
West|280™ is on a mission to create unique cases in the USA that make people say, "Wow, I want one"!
Company Overview
West|280 designs and manufactures the West|280 iOpener™, a sleek, lightweight case for iPhone 3G and 3Gs that can remove bottle caps and interact with our free BevConX APP.

West|280™ distributes its products through the west280 online store and our dedicated affiliate dealer program, which enables anyone who wants to sell our product to sign up for free and start earning money. No sales kits, minimum orders or inventory to buy. Dealers don’t even need to own a West|280 iOpener™ to get started. Just post one of our attractive ads or the link code we provide, your visitors click and buy, you earn cash.

We chose to design the West|280 iOpener™ in the USA, source our raw materials in the USA, manufacture and assemble in the USA and create a whole new distribution channel to make new jobs in the USA. We weren’t interested in making our product cheap, we wanted it made in the USA.
The iPhone case that "Protects & Serves" The West|280 iOpenerTM for Apple iPhoneTM 3G-3GS (only) is a thin, lightweight suit of armor for your precious iPhone that also can remove the cap from any bottle. Anyone can slap a bottle cap remover on an Apple® iPhoneTM, but that’s like duct taping a brick to a ballet slipper. The West|280TM design team took the challenge of designing a premium personal accessory for the iPhoneTM very seriously. We studied the human ergonomics, a variety of high strength plastics, and every type of food grade and surgical stainless steel in every grade available, and most important we were relentless at making it thin and light. The result, a 2-ounce shell of awesomeness constructed from a proprietary PolyCarbonate/ABS alloy with a 16 gauge, 304 food grade stainless steel opener that retracts into the case when not in use. Sleek, concealed and as stylish as the iPhoneTM itself. The innovative, patent pending design distributes the leveraged force of opening a beverage around the strongest area of the case. Unlike common chrome plated openers, the metal opener on the West|280 iOpenerTM has been polished using a special process that does not add any materials like chrome that might one day flake off and get into your beverage…YUK! Even our logo is applied with an industrial silk screen process and special inks that will last years. Great Design, Designed to Last and 100% Made, assembled and packaged in The USA.

Get our free BevConX APP, now available in the iTunes APP Store and you can play music from your iPod when a bottle cap is removed, record the date, time and geo-location of every bottle cap removed, zoom in with Map View and set any beverage as your default. Loaded with over 1200 beverages (beer, water, juice and soda) just searching and exploring all the new brands is like a treasure hunt. Plus you can add more as you find them.

The APP also allows you to buy and sell cases. Affiliate dealers can plug their code into the APP and earn more commissions from cases sold via their APP.