Battlestar Galactica to return to our screens?
When the Battlestar Galactica miniseries aired for the first time in 2003, viewers could be forgiven for having low expectations, but the show would go on to become loved by millions globally.
Six years later, the show finished, leaving a lasting legacy. It had won a Peabody Award, made the Syfy Channel a recognised and respected outlet and revolutionised science fiction on television – proving the genre could survive in a post Star Trek world.
Despite many attempts to reimagine the original Galactica broadcast in late 1970’s, it took to 2004 for a TV series to be born, continuing on from the 2003 miniseries.
Throughout its run, it received wide ranging praise from the likes of Time Magazine, Rolling Stone and the New York Times.
Galactica was interpreted as many things during its run, from a political drama, religious debate and sci-fi adventure, many critics had various theories.
It is in fact, considered by many, as one of the greatest television series ever made thanks to its layers of depth and intriguing storyline.
Galactica picks up just as Cylons – intelligent robots designed by humankind – commit mass genocide against humanity leaving only the last of the Colonial Fleet, Battlestar Galactica.
The spacecraft then travels through deep space and stumbles upon Earth, destroyed. The Earth they find is a nuclear wasteland.
Galactica can still be found in video games such as the Battlestar Commander app and comic books. Dynamite Entertainment recently announced a series of Galactica comic books would be released, sending fans into frenzy. If you want to get surrounded by the ambience of Battlestar Galactica, be sure to play themed slots, offers a wide range of cool sci-fi slots including a Galactica game.
Galactica amassed a huge and loyal following over the years and their commitment paid off, when in 2016 news broke that Universal Studios were up to something exciting. Universal are reportedly attempting to make a Battlestar movie happen.
Bryan Singer signed on to direct in 2009, and John Orloff was hired to script. But it just didn’t happen. Now, the production company are attempting another go at making a movie of the reimagined series.
The cult hit series is fondly remembered, but sorely missed. Could we see the series return on the big screen?