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BEND, OR (August 19, 2012)

The 9th Annual Bend Brewfest just wrapped a 3-day drink-a-thon from August 16-18, 2012 at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend Oregon. There were over 125 craft beers from 51 breweries and some insane local vendors were on hand. One of my favorite vendors was SPORK as they do some of the best marketing in town not to mention the Classic Streamliner (Roach Coach) they sport. The Dump City Dumplings are also tasty and I usually grab them on a Downtown Bend street corner to knock down the buzz from a night of drinking. Back to the brews .. the beers from the Deschutes Brewery are a personal favorite with the “Twilight” leading the pack. Living at sea level in El Segundo does not prepare you for drinking at an elevation of 3623 feet. I am not sure about the conversion but I can honestly say ONE Deschutes Twilight is equal to a SIX PACK of silver bullets… you can do the buzz math for the rest of your day. Although BEER was the main event, I came across a tent for some incredible wine by TOASTED HEAD. The booth babes they hired for the Brewfest were super cool and gave me some healthy pours. The Bend Brewfest had over 100 Volunteers to pour all that beer and they had the festive attitudes. Check out the photos I snapped of The Vendors, The Volunteers, The Scene and the TOASTED HEAD WINE hotties .. Well that’s a wrap .. DRINK UP