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Bend Summerfest, BEND, OR (July 14, 2012)
One of the most rockin communities in Central Oregon is Bend and this weekend marked the annual “Bend Summerfest”. The opening day kicked off with flowing cold beer from Deschutes Brewery and an abundance of tasty treats from the local vendors with endless food booths. “Bank of the Cascades has been the sponsor of Bend Summerfest for years and this event is one of the best” said, Joey Cooper, founder of Joie Media. One of the first bands to hit the center stage was “MOsley WOtta” that has a sound of rhythmic hip-hop reggae beats and a fun stage presence. Front man – lead singer MO WO aka KinKonk aka about 5 other aka names works the crowd like the poetry music he sings. Make sure you visit the MOsley WOtta FACEBOOK page as it pretty much sums up the MOsley WOtta’s sound “Poetry, quick lip rappin, vocals and such”. Band members Thomas Tsuneta (BASS), Jason Schmidt (DRUMS), Aaron Andre Miller (KEYS), Colten Tyler Willliams (GUITAR & SAMPLES) and Stephanie Slade (VOCALS).
After soaking down a few beers the chit chat at the main stage was to head over and see Rickie Lee Jones at 9PM a few blocks away. Chase Bruder founder of Doggie Face offered us a few free tickets and then about 5 other friends offered us tickets and the concert pre-game started to feel like a Facebook Event where everyone is invited and sure enough the tickets were for marketing and not for entry — it was a free for all. Rickie Lee Jones looked amazing on stage and we wanted to hear her hit single “Chuck E’s In Love” but we could not make it through the set of the sleepy folk singer jams. After five minutes we headed back to the main stage to check out the “Pat Travers Band”. The Canadian Rocker and his band put on an insane show with driving guitar and vocals from Patrick Henry “Pat” Travers. The signature hit “BOOM BOOM OUT GO THE LIGHTS” ignited the Bend crowd and was a great close to an incredible show. If Summerfest Day two and three can match the success of the opening night, Bend will continue to be the ROCKIN Central Oregon City. If it wasn’t for a late night we would have covered the two guys taking to the sky with Lawn Chairs tied to 350 balloons,,,only IN BEND

Pat Travers Band, Bend Summer Fest