Filmmaker Ixana Yatsenko

Filmmaker Oxana Yatsenko

There are few filmmakers who can actually break onto the production scene and have the instant success of transitioning a story or idea to the big screen right away. The skillful and humble Oxana Yatsenko, who hails from Moscow, Russia is one of those people.
This exceptionally talented filmmaker, gave her all to the love of creating films after working for a big gas company which wasn’t fulfilling her true passion in life. Oxana relocated to Los Angeles to make an exciting mark on the US market. After attending the New York Film Academy she embraced all that she learned and put it into her own career and has been working hard on very successful projects ever since.
Oxana enjoys many different aspects of filmmaking, but her favorite genres if she had the choice, would be dramas and thrillers, because of their closeness to real life. Continuing with her successful venture into the film world, one of Oxana’s projects was featured at the Palm Springs Film Market and the Cannes Short Film Corner, which was a surreal but at the same time, an honor for her to be a part of.
She also has several works that she has played a key role in. She wrote, produced, and directed the short film Me. You. Them which made it into the CineFest festival and ACT festival and has worked on other movies such as Pressure-Man, M.O.D., and Repentance. All of these productions proved to be successful, receiving rave reviews, thanks to the vision Oxana turned into reality when making them. Oxana is currently working on another feature entitled “My own way”.
Oxana Yatsenko is one of the most exciting young filmmakers in Hollywood and few can match her undeniable talent and penchant for bringing storytelling to real life. We can’t wait to see what projects she puts her magic touch to next!