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SANTA CLARITA (December 14, 2011)— Production continues on the independent feature film HUFF in Santa Clarita, CA. The dark, allegorical adaptation of The Three Little Pigs stars Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor, Season 7”) as the sexually abusive title character who embarks on a rage-induced killing spree as he pursues his three stepdaughters who have stolen his money intended for a big drug deal.

Friday, 12/9/11
Principal photography continued with O’Connell as Virgil “Huff” Huffington joined by on-screen tough guys James MacPherson and Johnny D’Agostino in the roles of no-nonsense drug runners. Scream queen Elina Madison also returned to set. Several scenes included extensive stunt work and special effects.

Saturday, 12/10/11
Veteran character actor Rance Howard (Ron Howard’s father) joined the cast as the eccentric drug kingpin with a penchant for sexy women and exotic reptiles. O’Connell, MacPherson, D’Agostino and Madison were also on hand as the drama intensified.

Monday, 12/12/11
The rains came on Day 7 of production washing out many of the scheduled scenes. The resourceful crew opted for their cover set and picked up several interior scenes with Jenna Stone (A Haunting in Salem) and Randy Blekitas (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) as her on-screen boyfriend.

Tuesday, 12/13/11
Mayra Real (Machete) began work as the strung out neighbor to the dysfunctional Huffington family. Her scenes included several opposite Marie Bollinger (Hell-o-ween) as Huff’s eldest stepdaughter and self-proclaimed protector of her younger sisters from their abusive stepfather.

Wednesday will mark the arrival of multi-talented fan favorite Clint Howard (Apollo 13, The Dilemma, Evilspeak) who assumes the role of “Karl,” an unwitting accomplice to Huff’s rage-induced brutality.

About Windchaser Pictures: Windchaser Pictures is a privately funded independent feature film company. This is Windchaser’s first feature film project.
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To schedule a visit to the set of the independent feature film HUFF, please contact Gordon Vasquez at (310) 902-8415.