Master performer Joseph Pharoah is not only an on-stage actor and dancer, he is world renown for his work on television, in movies, and as a model and body-builder. Under the tutelage of John Forgeham (Best known for his work in Kiss of the Dragon, but also The Italian Job, and Mean Machine) Joseph honed his already impressive range and flexible expression to a point where master no longer becomes an appropriate adjective. His work includes the recent short films A Friend of Ours, 403 Egdware Road, and the 2009 feature film Solito; in addition to theatrical credits like The Mighty Thor in Australia’s The Avengers Sideshow Alley and Barry in The Courtyard Theatre’s Cream. He holds the silver medal in stage combat (Single Sword, Rapier, and Dagger) from The British Academy of Dramatic Combat, and is a member of the prestigious Equity club (previously British Actor’s Equity Organization). Not to limit himself to performance alone, Joseph runs his own promotions company and is close to completing a script which will mark his directorial debut and be featured in the Berlin Film Festival. Having worked with apex directors like David Gordon Green of Pineapple Express and Kim Gavin of the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremonies, this movie is sure to be a spectacular crowd favorite.
When he does perform, Pharoah is capable of Popping, Locking, and Break-Dancing, performing in a myriad of accents, the aforementioned stage-combat, improvisation, and comedy. For the latter his biggest influences are the legendary John Cleese and Rik Mayall, which is evident when one watches Pharoah’s command of comedic energy and situational intuition, ensuring always that he puts on a show worthy of the moniker “Laugh Out Loud”. In the future Pharoah has designs on travelling to the United States to work with action stars like Stallone and Schwarzenegger, either as a fellow actor or as their director. Truly Pharoah lives up to his sobriquet resembling the ancient Egyptian God-Kings, and is sure to continue his influential work, both on and off the stage, screen, or script.
Joseph Pharoah