LALA LAND – Series pilot – 2012 – 23 Minutes
Camille Solari plays a fictional version of herself in this uniquely told comedy series, that follows a struggling writer, actress, and comedian through the trenches of Hollywood absurdity.
Marina Sirtis – Star Trek (series regular)
Shay Astar – Third Rock From The Son (series regular)
Jim Boeven – LindemsraBe (German TV series – series regular)
Co-Created by Camille Solari and director Nick Lyon, LaLa Land uniqely pokes fun at everything in Hollywood through a mixture of single camera storytelling, original music videos, and Camille playing various characters.
In the pilot episode called “IMDB”, Cami wakes up to discover that her age has been changed on IMDB, and she has become 73 years old. Is it the end of her career as an actress, or just the beginning?
Producers, Bob Bekian | Loyal Studios | Gordon Vasquez | RealTVfilms

LA LA LAND The Series, Camille Solari, Nick Lyon