Phil and Randy from Pixelated Dimensions Review HUFF Movie after the Comic Con Wizard World Philadelphia Screening. Phil and Randy LOVE “HUFF” and have some of the best descriptive terms we have ever heard. Here are a few classics from the VIDEO… “HUFF was a breath of fresh air”, “It was very Hitchcockian”, “HUFF actually makes you think”, “A Horror Movie without Torture Porn”, “A Villain you could actually see instead of a Mask”, “The Cinematography was incredible”, “The way they tied in The Three Little PIgs references throughout the movie was subtle”, “It had a story you really wanted to know what was coming next”, “Connected to all the characters”, ” I have not seen a movie like HUFF in forever” , “Expect to be Shocked and be able to not take your eyes off the screen”, “Prepare for an awesome ride”, “Very Well Made”, “Something that feels Kubrick Hitchcockian”, “It’s just a good flick go see it when you get a chance”

Paul Morrell, Pixelated Dimensions, WizardWorld, ComicCon

Tia Barr, Pixelated Dimensions, WizardWorld, ComicCon