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Summer Kimpton-Brown is a nine year old girl from the UK that is extraordinary in every role she plays. Summer has loved acting from a very young age and has taken many classes to further her skills. Summer’s mother said she has always been a drama queen, so acting was a natural talent of hers.
Summer has taken acting lessons and attended Celebrity Talent Academy where she began doing her “serious acting”. She has studied in both the UK and the USA with Celebrity Talent Academy. She also became a part of Talent INC. which took her to America where she was signed in LA and New York. Her family is moving to America in January so that she and her sister Shea can continue their acting careers.
Summer has been a leading lady in many productions in the UK. She played the leading role in ‘Annie’ The Musical at Southill Park in June of 2012. She has also played the lead role of Lucy in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe at The Shaw Theatre in London in November of 2014. These are just a few of Summer’s many accomplishments; she is already a fantastic actress.
Though most of her performances have been in musicals she has expanded her reach and is currently doing work on a new TV series in the US. She is playing the leading role of Heather McMillan in the new series Good Guys Club that will be airing later in 2015. Summer said in an interview that she is extremely excited to move to American and start working on this show. She can’t wait to get involved and she is excited to get to work with her sister on the show. Summer is an amazing young girl who is thriving in her acting career and beloved by fans.