World class producer Svetlana Samarina
Russian Born Svetlana Samarina is one of the most accomplished producers in her age range. With degrees from; The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California, The College of Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and Russian State Liberal University she is sure to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any set she finds herself on. Her debut project was “The Planet of Orthodoxy” in 2007 where she acted as Production Manager while also working as Unit Manager for “Pop” by Vladimir Khotinenko in the same year. Following this she worked on
Svetlana Samarina, World Class Producer “Horde” by Andrey Proshkin as Production Manager for three years and was the biggest historical feature produced to date, and which won numerous awards in 2012, including but not limited to the Russian National Awards of The Golden Eagle and The Nika. After these accolades Svetlana began working on “The Darkest Hour” as Unit Manager with Summit Entertainment and Bazelevs, the latter being the largest film-production company in Russia. Not wanting to be limited to working in her home country, Svetlana travelled to The United States in 2011 to attain her aforementioned degree and where she is currently working on independent feature projects in Los Angeles, California. In addition to these projects, Svetlana would like to work on Horrors and Sociological Thrillers as they have the highest yield of box-office success for the miniscule budget. Keep an eye out for work produced by Ms. Samarina, her history has proven her to be a jewel in the film community.