Egor Povolotskiy got his first Master’s Degree at MEPHI (Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute) for Artificial Intelligence Specialist. In 2014, he got his second masters at The New York Film Academy for Fine Arts in Cinematography. His career started in Russia, where Egor maintained the humble work of a still photographer and 2nd unit DP. His first real break came in two parts. He first shot a couple commercials for the Russian Association of Bikers, around 4 years ago and when The Director of the RAB was involved in another film later on, he offered Povolotskiy to come to the set and take some pictures, which he of course did and from there was propelled into the world of cinema.
Povolotskiy worked for over 3 years in the Russian movie industry as a second unit DP, and on set photographer. His Cinematography skills were crucial to projects as his colleagues felt he brought he could tell the story in a better way. This was even more evident when his short film, “We Are Enemies” took home three wins 3 wins in both the Rochester International Film Festival, and Voya Film Festival along with 4 more nominations.
With a combined 7 years of experience in photography, photojournalism, wedding photography, and celebrity portrait photography, Egor says at the beginning of his career he had become very inspired by the work of Sven Nykvist, but later in his work he has migrated to that of Roger Deakins. Calling his approach to cinematography “Just incredible, very simple and efficient lighting setups”.
Egor says his biggest achievement is the recurring one in which the audience likes the movie, cause as a cinematographer he using his instruments to support the story. Povolotskiy says we have the power to effect viewers in a sense level, and deliver the story deeper in the mind. With films he has shot with Ilya Rozhkov (a director and good friend) he’s received a lot of awards including at the Rochester Film Festival (which is the oldest short film festival) and also received 2nd place at the USA film festival, and a lot of nominations.