The gambling industry has fascinated many people since time immemorial. Nevertheless, the surge in the 70s and 80s based drug series films, where gambling is also key to the plot, like Snowfall or American Made has promoted this industry significantly. With that said, it comes as a little surprise that many people, including, me love watching movies where gambling scenes are an important part of the story. But why are so many people fascinated by the gambling realm and why does it harmonize so well with the film industry?
Here are a few explanations from my recent research;
1. Drugs and Gambling Related Films Offer Depth and Variety
The driving force behind the success of many drugs and gambling movies is the way they tap into different parts of our minds; these movies shock, sadden, inform, excite and inspire. From films like Owning Mahoney, which exposes the lengths gambling addicts go to fund their habits, to 21, which champions the underdog as a group of students learn to count cards and bring the house down, movies where gambling is also key to the plot offer depth and variety.
No other theme covers as many bases as drugs and gambling. Drug and gambling related movies can be jovial and comic or dark and sinister. Furthermore, they can be fact, fiction or a blend of two. Finally, they can be fast-paced and action-packed or slow as well as brooding.
That is just because there are so many unique and exciting stories which come from the realm of gambling and drugs. These stories can be told in various styles; from the psychedelic mind-boggling scenes in the movie ‘American Made’ to the sleek and smooth cinematography of Snowfall movie.
2. Variety of Locations
Location is a major boost too. Many viewers love variety when it comes to this. Drugs and gambling centered movies are not characterized by one particular location as is the case with a good number of movies based on other themes as well as plots. Yes, Vegas is normally used as the backdrop for a good number of casino films, but there are equally many movies with scenes which have been shot in many other parts across the globe.
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The world of gambling has for a long time caught the imagination of Hollywood. The world of drugs and gambling has been portrayed in many films and in many different ways throughout the years. Hollywood tends to cast gambling in different lights and normally portrays characters non-homogeneously, either as good guys or bad guys, as heroes or traitors. It all depends on how producers choose to tell the story. There is no doubt that the film industry has and continues to provide a constant source of gambling inspiration to many people.