Aditya Lohia
Aditya Lohia is a successful male actor living and working in Los Angeles. He was born in Nepal, studied in India and although he loved mimicking others as a young child, he always wanted to be a cricket star. A summer acting workshop in the Philippines, however, confirmed to him that acting, his childhood passion, was all he wanted to do.
Afterwards, he enrolled in another workshop in the prestigious International Academy of Film and TV and later a two-year conservatory in the famous Stella Adler Studio of Acting.
The workshops and the conservatory transformed Aditya Lohia from an amateur to a professional, star performer in both plays and film.
He has several plays and films under his belt. Some of them include the Curious Savage, Death of a Salesman and Escape from Happiness. In films he has worked with Samantha Kelly in the Greed, Laura Proenza in Angie’s Late Again, International Academy of Film and TV to produce Food for Friends and Abilene Christian University Film Festival to produce A Lonely Journey.
As an individual Aditya Lohia is a hardworking and ambitious actor. He believes in the power of hard work and patience to see one’s dreams come true. He derives inspiration from Hollywood’s top cream Robert De Niro, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio. Aditya plays cricket, soccer, field hockey, karate and also can swim and play guitars. Additionally, he is multi-lingual as he can speak fluent Hindi, Nepalese and American English with a standard American accent. His versatility as an actor and diversity as an individual has been instrumental in his acting career.
Presently, Aditya has picked interest in acting in TV shows. His fans should expect much more of him in plays, films as well as TV shows. He is expected to play the lead in several upcoming films and also an intense character in an unnamed web series. Among other works in the making include a TV show that will feature Aditya. As he makes more connections with the industry’s big names in Los Angeles, there is so much more to expect from Aditya Lohia.