Esther Eden is no rookie to the art of performing. With a plethora of accomplishments under her belt, Esther cites one of her biggest achievements so far is playing the leading role of Rose Kettering on audio sitcom titled Quiz Masters developed by Aidan McCaffery and Benn Cordrey who work for the BBC, about a group of friends who meet every week at a pub quiz, with each of the quiz questions being cleverly written to be made relevant to the current episode’s storyline. Esther says that Quiz Masters is truly unique in that it is a sit-pod-com, an amalgamation of a sitcom and a podcast. The series and the character of Rose Kettering was very popular with listeners, which had a hand in putting the audio sitcom in the top ten on the comedy iTunes chart and top twenty on the iTunes podcast charts. With the success of the first season, Esther is hopeful that she will be able to continue to develop the character of Rose in a second season of the series.
No stranger to hard work, Esther has recently signed on to join the team at the new production company Demand Horror as a resident Scream Queen. She will be working in a variety of all their ensuing productions, which includes leading roles in the web series Until Dead and feature film Selfie, about a serial killer who takes selfies of his victims as they are being murdered.
Joining Esther Eden’s feature film train is a project titled Dead Love, a quirky horror romcom. Esther discloses that the film has the typical gore of a good horror with a twist of the sweetness and light of a romantic comedy. It is definitely one of a kind in that respect and she can’t wait to attend the première screening. The film is currently in post production and scheduled to make its debut sometime this year, with plans of being submitted to film festivals, it features the likes of cult horror icons Emily Booth and Lloyd Kaufman who both have long histories of working in horror films.

You may be wondering about the horror theme in this raw talent’s career. Something that has puzzled Esther herself, claiming that she never particularly sought work on horror productions, it just seems to always finds her. From working with repertory theatre company Le Nouveau Guignol as resident leading actress, dedicated to Grand Guignol horror theatre, in which she strongly contributed to their sold out shows at the Old Red Lion theatre and the Courtyard theatre, through to rave reviews of a gruesome and bloody production of Macbeth and short films Labrat, inspired by the Saw horror series directed by Ryan Osmond, who recently worked on Mad Max: Fury Road, and ScAIRcrows, directed by Chris Gallagher, who also directed Dead Love. Esther thinks it may be due to her morbid fascination with the dark side of human nature, she has always been fascinated by the criminal mind and psychology and her work in horror has let her explore that side in her characters.
All that work in horror has also brought to light her own mortality, Esther’s advice when asked about pursuing goals was simple. Life is meant for the living, if you are not enjoying life and pursuing your passions then you might as well grab a shovel and dig a hole six feet under. Going after your dreams can be scary, but nothing, not even a horror film, can be as frightening as a life unfulfilled.