Hila Melamed

Upon seeing her in a production, you would assume Hila Melamed was shaped by the acting God’s themselves. Sent to an arts camp as a young child by her mother with the hopes of creating a dancer, quite the opposite took place. After a conversation of her progress at the camp with Hila’s teachers, her mother soon learned that acting was Hila’s correct calling and from that day forward an actress was born.
Growing up and shaping her raw talent included many inspirations and impressions from household names such as Meryl Streep, and Jack Nicholson. But No one resonated with Hila more than Lucy Lawless as “Xena The Warrior Princess”. No stranger to adversity and hard times, since growing up in the Middle East, Hila looked to Xena as a guiding light not only in her real life but in her craft as well.
Hila has devoted her talents and abilities to numerous productions. She’s traveled around the globe as part of the Mehola Dance Group and frequently graces her home country with her presence as well as New York, and Los Angeles. Of course for a talent like Hila’s that merely an appetizer for her illustrious career. She speaks both Hebrew and Spanish, performs various types of dance, On-Stage Fisticuffs, sword fights, and numerous sports, both extreme and classical. Her on stage credits include the comedic show “Is Biz”, “A Taste of Theater” where she played The Author, “Picnic” where she played Madge, “North Shore Fish” where she played Arlyn, “Phaeton” where she played Gaya, and many more.
Currently Hila is starring in a new role in the upcoming play “Grace, sponsored by Monteverde”, and produced by JustA Theater & Production Company. With a strong female lead, it deals with the search for a new American identity, the place of women in society, and the effect social media has on news reports and the unveiling of truth. This production would be the world premiere of the play!
If you are burdened with the unfortunate pleasure of not knowing the acting ability of Hila Melemed consider this an introduction to her ever growing and strengthening career. Tickets run out fast when Hila takes part in a production, so you better be in the lookout for the release of tickets for her next production.