With an early love of Shakespeare Blioux Kirkby easily dawned the role of co-directing as well as performing as a principal role in her production, Winter’s Rages, taking extracts from the great Shakespeare’s works of art and pretty much linking them through human aspects, such as emotions and songs. Winter’s Rages was so beautifully and flawlessly performed at the famous Rose Playhouse (next to Shakespeare’s Globe) it came as no surprise that audiences very well received it. Her production did exceptionally well, selling out several times during its run.
Arts Educational (ArtsEd) trained Blioux in every aspect of the performing arts, from stage combat, camera work, stand up comedy, Alexander Technique and, of course, singing and dancing. Blioux has always had a passion for Shakespeare and loves physical theatre. ArtsEd helped Blioux to identify her casting type in period dramas, comedies and romantic leads.
In addition to landing the lead role in her school adaptation of “Pride And Prejudice” and “50 First Dates” She has also captivated audiences in at least 6 other theater productions, that include “Secret Cinemas: Casablanca” , “Shawshank Redemption” “Twelth Night”, “Brazil” “Time Emporium” and last but not least “Roger Rabbit”.
Kirkby not only graduated in 2012 from “Acting Arts Educational School in London, but also is a regular performer at the Glastonbury Festival; and has done some professional modeling.
She has basic burlesque training, sword fighting and combat skills, horse riding and accents that include America, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Russian, and London.
Blioux has always known from a young age that her vivid imagination and creativity would only be cultivated and enhanced through a career in acting.
Blioux also sings with the Ska band, The Trojans, and performs on stage at Glastonbury festival yearly. Glastonbury is the UK’s biggest festival and is world -renowned