Comedy Central Stage Presents Camille Solari’s Pilot Presentation “Cannoli & Haggis” was a Total SMASH HIT!
Written by Camille Solari
Directed by Elvis Winterbottom
Starring: Camille Solari, Mhairi Morrison, Brian Vermeire, Paul Morrissey, Josh Mitchell, Tara Hunnewell, and Kyler Cassedyne
Produced by Comedy Central Stage; Gil Baron, Gail Moss, & Camille Solari
Last night’s show at The Comedy Central Stage was standing room only. The show opened with director, Elvis Winterbottom, and yes “That really is my last name..” had the crowd laughing from the get go. Writer/comedian Camille Solari with co-lead Mhairi Morrison had the crowd in hysterics when they began their witty banter as “Cami Parchessi” the crass and not the smartest Italian girl with a substance abuse problem from Boston and “Kathryn Cole” the prim but not so proper Scot who was banished from her family in Scotland as a teenage and placed in Cami’s family in Boston to straighten her out when she instantly got knocked up by a “dirty filthy low rent Bostonian” guy Mickey played by home grown comedian Josh Mitchell.
The show was delightful, it was like a modern day Laverne & Shirley meets Absolutely Fabulous with Cami being a struggling comedian and her best friend Kathy who studies to be a mime – who she can’t do without, as the tag line goes “Being poor was cool in our 20’s but in our 30’s it’s a total disaster.”
Other cast members included comedian Paul Morrissey who played “Mr. Giggles” the internet date gone disaster to Cami. Camille & Paul had incredible comedic timing, and Camille’s physical comedy was that of Carol Burnett & Lucille Ball. Paul’s quiet deadpan presence had the crowd roaring in laughter, as Cami went on cocaine binge in the middle of the date with “Buttons” the waitress who was played by Tara Hunnewell who was delightfully funny. Actor, comedian Brian Vermeire, played “Gary the douchie agent” and took “douchey” to a whole new hilarious level. Brian and Camille’s facial expressions had the audience in tears of laughter. The story was buttoned up nicely with Mhairi Morrison (as Kathy) and Josh Mitchell (as Mickey) where he comes into town unannounced – in the middle of Kathy’s Brave heart speech – the two had incredible chemistry on stage – poignant yet hilarious – when everything comes to a head with Mickey Junior (played by Kyler Kessedyne) barging into the apartment unannounced.
The show ended with a standing ovation from the audience, as they well deserved. This show should have no problem getting on the air!

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