Behind the Scenes Exclusive with Former A’dam & E.V.A Actress ‘Nadine Van Asbeck
When it comes to giving a comical spin on any character, Nadine Van Asbeck, is the go-to starlet for many upcoming theater- and television shows.
Known for playing Shelly Vlaskip on the popular Dutch television show ‘Adam & E.V.A.‘ and, later, for her roles in ‘Bloed, Zweet en Tranen’ by award winning director Diederick Koopal and in Bob Dylan’s music video, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, Nadine Van Asbeck is in the works with new projects and inspirations behind her characters.

Nadine Van Asbeck

“Right now I’m in the middle of rehearsals for a play about Vincent van Gogh. I’ll be playing his muse and we’re going up beginning of May in my first off-broadway show in NY, which is amazing,” Nadine says when asked about her new explorations.
“I also got cast in a new project about Freddy Mercury, ‘Show Must Go On’” Nadine adds, ‘but that’s still in pre-production so I can’t really go into that.
Continuing her journey from her role on A’dam and E.V.A., Nadine is ready to sprout her wings and prove she is more than just “Shelly Vlaskip”.
Nadine says she will always try to stay true to her own values and will live under her own set of expectations. As long as she works hard on maintaining her own expectations and she has the chance to share her work with people equally passionate about the projects, she will be happy with her career as an actress.
“My biggest advice would be to find your own path. Don’t live up to others expectations, don’t try to live up to any expectations,” Nadine advises all those with a dream to chase, “Enjoy YOUR journey.”
Nadine will continue to pursue her acting career with full dedication. Rising from turmoil times to stardom, Nadine Van Asbeck never stops committing to her acting career.

Nadine Van Asbeck