Meeting Valerie Ratner, Winner of Film Festivals across the Globe
Born in a Jewish family in Bogota, Colombia, Valerie Ratner always felt like she was a little “out of place” with most kids her age.
“I grew up very lonely,” says Valerie Ratner in an exclusive interview. “Therefore, at the age of 10, instead of playing with other children, I preferred to stay at home imagining different worlds and writing about them.”
This caused the young filmmaker to be in touch with her inner imagination and begin writing down her ideas into screenplays.
It was difficult for Valerie growing up to make friends until she finally attended photography lessons. Inspiring her ideas into visual art, Valerie began attending Black Maria Cinema School in Bogota for screenwriting and directing for actors.
Eventually, this path led Valerie Ratner to New York City to pursue her degree in Filmmaking and Cinematography.
Her success in her first horror film, Sylvie, gave her access to the most notorious film festivals across the globe. The film won “Merit Award” at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood and an official selection at the “Viscera Film Festival”.
The film was a hit and made a world tour, which is not an easy feat for such a young filmmaker.
Valerie’s successes continued with a short documentary she produced, “The Yellow Card”, and short film, ‘ Song from a Blackbird”.
Branching toward another avenue of film, Valerie also received an award for her commercial for Nintendo Wii Spec.
Using all her experiences, Valerie is committed to enhancing her filmmaking artistry and is working on three projects, two screenplays and one visual commercial.
This is a director to be on the lookout for as she continues her filmmaking career.
Valerie Ratner, Filmmaker