Shea Kimpton- Brown
Shea Kimpton-Brown is a young actress who is always on the go. She was previously shy and timid but has grown into a vibrant young lady. She is twelve years old and is already an extraordinary actress and model. She already has a lot of modeling experience, she has loved being in front of the camera ever since she was a baby. Shea started out modeling and then joined her sister in acting. She studied acting at the Celebrity Talent Academy and then went onto Royal Berkshire Academy of Performing Arts. Since then, Shea has been very involved in acting. She has said that the actresses she admires are Kristin Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence..
In addition to her modeling, Shea Kimpton-Brown has performed in many key roles in the theatre. She played the lead character of Jemima in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Cockpit Theatre in London in July of 2013. She also had a leading role in 13 The Musical at the Southill Park in July of 2011, where she played the part of Patrice. Shea has had great training from multiple places in both the UK and the US which has aided her triumphant performances.
Not only is Shea Kimpton-Brown an extraordinary actress she also enjoys other hobbies such as gymnastics, swimming, cycling, and roller skating. She has accomplished so many things, even at such a young age. Shea is an amazing actress and model, and her enthusiasm for learning more is inspiring. She is ready to start filming for the US TV show, Good Guys Club, where she will play the starring role of Suzy McMillan. Shea Kimpton-Brown and her family arrive to live in LA during 2015.